While earning her BFA at Syracuse University, Caryn discovered Fiber Art, the craft that would define her work for years to come. This meditative art form instantly ignited her passion for color, shape and texture, all of which she continues to explore through her own unique style of weaving.

A New York native, Caryn has also resided in San Diego and Florida, finding that her proximity to the ocean deeply infuses her work and creativity. She has spent time in France, Spain and Italy nurturing her love of art, photography and life.

Covelli Studios

About the Art


Caryn's fiber designs take two forms; elaborate 3-dimensional fiber baskets as well as abstract wall sculptures. Made from simplistic materials, her work utilizes the ancient skill of traditional weaving techniques while exploring the concepts of color and form found in abstract and contemporary art.

Caryn feels that the creation process of her fiber work is both organic and meditative, resulting in a unique experience with the design of each piece. She enjoys customizing her sculptures to reflect the personality and energy of their intended owner; because when the pieces are thus inspired; they convey emotion and positive energy to their owner, and enhance their space, home and life.

Through the beauty of natural transformation, each fiber basket is intricately woven to morph over time to a softer and more malleable form. This evolution occurs over several years and thus, upon "completion" of the pieces, they are not actually "finished", but are beginning their next stage of enhanced beautification via the aging process. The pieces take on a life and shape of their own


Caryn also expresses herself on canvas. In addition to fine art painting, she spent years transforming people's lives and homes with paint and color. She is skilled in faux finishing, murals, stencils and color-design. She has translated this work to canvas so that these high-end interior designs can be enjoyed in any space, and on any budget.

Covelli Studios